Our Wisdom, etc. in 2018

Here are the answers you gave to the questions that were posed on the registration page. I hope you enjoy them. By the way regarding a 55th reunion - our numbers will be smaller if we wait until the 60th.  And LOL about the responses to helping.  Don't need help oragnizing as much as finding folks and helping put up decorations, stuffing name tags.  At any rate, I LOVED these answers, and we'll vote at the reunion. 

Questions 1-4:         (Questions 5-7 are below these answers)

Briefly, what would you tell your
18-year-old self about the future?
Favorite place you ever
visited or lived?
How many miles away from the reunion location are you? (1802 Shepherd, Houston) What saying/mantra brings
you the most strength?
Enjoy every moment Provence France 75 Stay strong. Make them wonder how you’re still smiling.
Enjoy life; life is short Love London for visits 8 give or take keep calm and carry on
Keep the Lord first and treasure your family and friends. Live with humility and integrity. Appreciate the gift of each day and don't waste time worrying...choose to expect the best instead of fearing the worst. Don't be afraid to dream big and take risks because that's when you grow the most. Don't take yourself too seriously and always remember to laugh! Midland, TX - lived there 8 years 185 Nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1:37 & Ephesians 3:20)
Marry a beautiful wife Ranch 300 If it is to be it is up to me
At 67 you will still be active, not almost dead. Israel 6 God is faithful. He loves me.
A lot of the stuff you think is important at 18 isn't. Spain 20 Deep breath.
Trust your intuitions and do what makes you happy first Washington DC 5a I'm retired; it's my job to collect flamingos
expect irresponsibility from those in charge San Francisco CA approx. 235 miles om know ringa cho
Keep taking piano lessons Lived=Houston; visited=Paris 40  
It is full of surprises - some good and some not so good. Never stop seeing the humor and it is okay to act 18-yrs-old at any age! Cape Cod 30 miles - The Woodlands Joshua 1:9
Our teachers really were smarter than we thought. All 59 of OUR glorious national parks 5.3 miles To be yourself in a world constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment...Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Make every moment count. Don’t take anything for granted. Paris, France and the Amalfi Coast 125 miles  
Though you will face some tough years in history, don’t worry because life gets much better after high school. New York City 25 God grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change and the wisdom and strength to change those things I can.
Having kids is hard on your nervous sysytem Honduras 40 miles never say never
Wow! Long and winding road turned out GREAT! Dublin, Ireland w/ Paris a close 2nd 1200  
Remain conservative Seagrove Fl 8.5 Stay strong
Be sure to smell the flowers along the way Liked 'em all. Just glad to be here 35 In God we trust
  Visited -Antarctica, Lived - Milan, Italy 235 relax
LIVE your life. Don't sweat the small stuff. Make sure friends & family know they are loved. Florence, Italy. Alaska. Thailand. About 3 Keep on going. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems.
Hang on tight and enjoy every moment England Houston  
Work hard, play hard, but be yourself Carmel 5 God, Family and Country.
Live everyday to its fullest you do not know how many you have Monte Carlo 10 you can do it
The world is always getting better. 12-day trip to Cuba 4 The Serenity Prayer
  Fiji & Tahiti Islands 332.8 miles  
enjoy every minute of every day Hawaii 200 Let go and let God.
Good luck again..your number is 7. Paris 300 “Every day open a new door you never know where it will take you”
  New York 1669 miles  
Don’t worry about being popular! Visited Holy Land 0 Be anxious for nothing....
  New Smyrna Beach 969  
Don’t be afraid to try something new.   200  
Buckle your seat belt......it's going to be a bumpy ride!!!! Berlin 10 Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow.
What a ride!! Estes Park Colorado 130 Love your family and friends
Always be true to yourself Canada 36 Be here now
  England, London 30 be happy Don't woory
You can't predict it. Bandon Oregon 15  
It's an adventure...you'll find out when you get there. Frio River at Concan About 100 Blessed is he who believes but has not seen.
Try to prepare for it Alaska 1132 miles  
Hang in there...you are a late bloomer only 1? The British Virgin Islands; other Carribbean + Greece 9 miles I have to think about this
It is murky and full of surprises Honolulu 42.9 miles November is coming!
  Florence, Italy 80 I ain’t dead, yet.
It will be a great life Israel 12  
Every year you will tell yourself: "Man, a year ago you had your head so far up you butt, but now, you have totally got your act together!" ...yes, every year... Snowmass Village, Colorado 250 Can't think of one.
Follow your bliss. Jerusalem, visited as guest of Stepson as he began rabbinical training. Less than 10 miles All you have to do is the very next thing.
Get ready for a great life! Big Island Hawaii 1885b Be prepared!
Don't get married until you are 25 or older London 8 Be positive
Watch out! They are going to invent a whole lot of strange electronics you are going to have to learn when you get old. And you will be able to look and talk to both of your sons, in the military, in war zone fighting for our country on something called a computer. Italy, Holland, France, Canada, Jamaca, Turkey, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Central America, yikes, can't pick one! 214 miles Just GO for it!
There will be good days and there will be bad days as long as you live so enjoy them both. Florence, Italy 12 Lets go swimming
Trust your gut, follow your heart. Texas & Scotland 635 Serenity - Courage - Wisdom.
Don't be in a hurry. LIVE each day as it comes. WDW is my happy place. Seriously! 25.5 Just do the next right thing.
Travel extensively Iceland, Machu Picchu, Australia, New Zealand, Tazzmania, Bali 5  
Learn how to save, and do it. Santa Fe 738 I'm enough.
beware and be prepared living in huntsville texas about 70 just keep a sence of humor
hang on, it is a long strange trip Tahiti 180 miles this to shall pass
Everything will work out just fine! Stars in Redstone, Colorado 1016 miles It will be ok, it will be ok
Life is wonderful but learn to be a decorator. San Francisco 10 You can do anything you put your mind to.
Buckle up! Montmartre area of Paris 150 (a private prayer of gratitude)
You will be fine, and treasure friends and family. Napa Valley, CA 6 miles Let's pretend this isn't happening.
Everything will be fine, enjoy the ride! Sandpoint, Idaho Five Believe in yourself or no one else will
Save for retirement. Maui 600, but still in Texas! I can.
Have fun South Africa 4 Knowing my savior
Relax and enjoy the journey. Cairo, Egypt 1,161 The Serenity Prayer
Relax and laugh a lot. Don’t be too concerned about what other people think. Jackson Hole WY 8 miles I am grateful and thankful for every day.
Your life is going to get hugely happier!!!!! Yellowstone, Wyoming/ Spring, TX 26 Do not rely on your own understanding.
Invest in dividend paying stocks and buy one ounce of gold every payday! Texas is the greatest nation on Earth. I might visit other places but I always come back to Texas! 10 Go Along & Get Along: Yes dear...
Things aren't as tough as they seem at the time. Lighten up. Italy 260 miles - Richardson, Tx. Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. - Mark Twain
One word: Apple. most recent: Cayo Hueso! five or so  
Be in the moment. Time will go by so fast.,be in the moment. Time will go by so fast. Tough choice between Alaska, Hawaii, and Italy.,tough choice between Alaska, Hawaii, and Italy. 250 miles,250 miles Be still and know that I am God.,Be still and know that I am God.
exercise, eat healthy, travel while you are young, and tough times build character- Hang in there! England about 5 miles "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path." Proverbs 3:5
We will have children and grandchildren! Houston Yacht Club 34 miles God works in mysterious ways!
There will be terrible downs and wonderful ups but your life will be vibrant with rich color and texture and depth. Just this spring I did a 16 night transatlantic crossing from Galveston to Barcelona, Spain. I love the sea. 24 God's timing is perfect.
Don't worry about it      
Buckle in!!! Canada 175 Sleep. sleep. sleep.
It's all good! St. Gilgen, Austria 1176 It's all good!
Learn now, not later! Don't be so naive! Chatooga River--white water rafting 4 hours God, please help me to xxxxx
Pay attention to what you're reading. Think it through. Do it.   245 It's gotten to be ''you aren't shy, you're just chicken. Do what you need to do.
Take a year off before college Grand Canyon 35 The solution will become clearer every day
Computers Austin , TX 240  
keep the creativity and positive outlook on life Traveling and camping with my Mother all over Texas and Colorado( mostly Aspen and lived in Breckenridge for 4 years) 181 miles If you see someone without a smile - giver them yours

Questions 5-7:

Most important life lesson? Should we have a 55th reunion?
Would you be willing to help organize it? ;)
Comments/Suggestions/Compliments ;)
Life is short. Time is fast. No replays. No rewind. Enjoy every moment as it comes. Yes. Yes,Yes  
  I think 50 is enough Thank you, Cay, for organizing this reunion
Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Sure Looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks for organizing, Cay!
Be kind to everyone Yes, No Sure looking forward to the event.. Many thanks to my old neighbor Cay for all the hard work putting the web site and the big 50 event together...
You are not the center of the universe. I think so. This seems too expensive.
We're here to be kind. Yes and no.  
see above ha! Thank you Cay for doing so much for this class!
you can't let those who've already tried and failed to influence you yes keep lines of communication open. limit reliance on prejudiced as much as you can. realize old age and young age are not the same.
Huge tasks are accomplished one bit at a time. Sure- and I can help  
My plans are not always God's plans No to the 55th - wait until the 60th You are the best Cay-Cay! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Class of 68! NLBMW
"If you listen to people that always agree with you, you'll never learn anything." Yes, sign me up to help. Thank you Cay Dickson for all your hard work.
Appreciate your time with others and be kind. Yes  
Kindness given and received make all things possible. Don’t plan that far ahead. Thanks to Cay for all she’s done for the class of 68. Hope we can all take the initiative to talk to as many people as possible at the reunion, whether we were friends back in the day or not.
never bite off more than you can chew why not? Keep Kay in charge, she does a great job
Life is short - Enjoy while you can! Lets see how the 50th goes and decided afterwards Thank you Cay for all your organizing efforts over the years!!!
Be gratetful Unsure  
The most important thing is family Yes. Maybe. Great job Cay. Thank you!
  It would be fun..I might be able to help.  
    You're the best, Cay!
Be loyal and trustworthy. Yes. Probably.;) keep on trucking
Time marches on. sorry - no  
Love your fanily and friends yes  
Do not believe everything people tell you yes , no  
Raising children is terribly difficult -- and extremely rewarding. 1. Probably not. 2. No. Cay -- Thanks again for all you do to organize these reunions. Some other high school classes don't have reunions, because it's simply too much work. D.S.E.
  yes but not computer stuff  
  Sure. What can out of staters do to help? Thank you for working endless hours to keep The Generals together through the years.
miracle of having a daughter at age 43 every 10 years is fine with me Thank you so much Cay and all your committee members for always making these reunions happen.
Follow your passion not the money. ??? Thank you to all those organizing this event.
  Yes on the 55th. Sorry no to organize.  
Be anxious for nothing... No  
  yes; no  
Never give up. Yes  
Swin past the hooks! HMMMM.......... Maybe a 70th Birthday Bash instead???
Enjoy life No Thanks Cay and committee members for all the GREAT work!!
  Sure, but I'm afraid I can't help organize it. Can't wait to see everyone!
Always look at the glass half full Probably not  
God is always with me Possibly  
Never lose faith in yourself ? Thank you Cay, Cathy and Steve for organizing this.
Somebody's got it worse than you do. Yes to both. Thanks so much for doing the thankless. You are the glue of our class. Even though I don't want to live in Houston, I still look back fondly on my formative years there and enjoy getting together with those friends that remember "back when". Reunions are important. Keep up the good work.
  No thanks Cay - thanks for pulling this together. This will be the first reunion I have attended since “walking across the stage” in 1968. I applaud your energy and determination to set up these events.
  Yes, no I have enjoyed coming to the reunion that I have been to for this class. It has mean a lot to me.
That I am loved and loveable sure, yes I'm excited to see all these old farts!
Beware the undertoad Sure, and maybe You are a wonderful hooooman, Cay
  Dont know yet  
Don’t trust anyone. No  
Life's a marathon...until it's not, so it is never too soon or too late to make changes that you need to make Sure; probably not. Thanks for organizing this!
Beatles were not wrong...All you need is LOVE. Yes, not sure where I will be, so not sure I could. Thanks for the organizational initiative.
  Yes, yes  
  For sure.  
Adequacy gets a lot more done than perfection! Yes, some may not make it to 60th... Post yearbook photo onto every profile!
Mistakes make sure Thanks for including the 1967 class
Never, Never, Never give up! (Winston Churchill) & then there's "Never eat yellow snow" when I'm skiing... Yes, see comments! I think you guys have done a fabulous job for 50 years and we all appreciate your efforts for our enjoyment. I would like to help with a 55th but, knowing me I'd probably just screw things up.
Try to be a better, happier you everyday Yes and Yes Always great events. Thank you all
There are no do overs, but there are second chances. You should certainly have one!  
Multi-tasking isn't all that it's cracked up to be! FOCUS! Sure. I'm good at taking orders and following through on assignments... but decision making is NOT my forte! Thanks to Cay, Cathy and Rob for all you do and have done to make this happen.
Forgiveness, acceptance maybe Thanks, Lee Jolly, for including me.
I'm not in charge. No, but thanks for asking . Cay Dickson is spectacular, devoted, determined, and very lovable. I feel blessed and grateful she is in our lives!
stopped drinking and smoking yes and no you're doing a GOOD JOB cay...
dont sweat the small stuff ?  
Stop, check your empathy, if you don’t have it, be quiet. Maybe, and sadly no. Thank you Cay Dickson and team for bringing our young hearts to meet our old hearts and friends.
Believe in yourself. Lets see  
Life lessons won't squeeze into small boxes... Not sure Let's all remember to thank Cay Dickson and her helpers for organizing this reunion and those of the past.
Don't marry the first guy who asks. No. 60 maybe. Thanks for doing this for us for the majority of our lives. We are vert lucky to have you do this. Look forward to seeing you.
Treat everyone with respect until they show you that they don’t deserve it! Yes, why not! Thank you Cay, Cathy and whoever else has worked so hard to put this together. I really appreciate all you do for all of us!
  No, I think 50 should cap it off Cay, I sent a check payable to you which cleared in July
  sure I think we need to secure a designated site at the new school and make a park like setting and have a time capsule of all the classes history of Houston and events etc.. for the time lee was there and not open for 50 or 55 the date of lees original class.
Tell the truth. I could see it still be a possibility. I could help via emails but don't know Houston very well anymore. name tags, music not loud, thanks to those who make this possible.
Hard work usually pays off No Cay thanks for always doing this
Peace and serenity come from within, not from the external world. Sure. I can help, but don't live in Houston. Gratitude and toasts to Cay Dickson and all the hard working people who have put our reunions together over the years.
Knowing that God, family, friends and health are all I need. Of course it helps to have a pet, too. Don’t know. Thanks to Kay for her work in organizing this.
  no You have done a great job. Thanks for doing all of this.
Not to look down on someone unless I'm helping them up Yes Yes I'm on acreage. We could have a BBQ and bring a covered dish. Have it in late October and we can sit around a campfire.
Character is the cornerstone of life. Respect your parents and support your family throughout your life. Yes. No, but I'll help if asked.  
From my high school reading of "Hamlet" - "To thine own self be true, and it shall follow, as the night the day, thou canst no then be false to anyone." Yes. This 50th reunion is going to be a lot of fun and a chance to see that none of us have aged that much.
  Yes and yes!  
Be true to yourself but always be kind.,Be true to yourself but always be kind. It would be fun.,It would be fun. Many thanks to Cay. Great job.,Many thanks to Cay. Great job!
  I'll let you know after this one. haha!  
  I'll let you know after this one. haha!  
Besides the Lord, family and friends are everything! A 55th would be fun. Thank you, Cay, for all the work you do for our class and for this fabulous website!
Stay positive and cheerful. Yes. Maybe. Thank you for all your work, Cay!!! My husband, Larry Thomas, graduated from Lee in 1967.
That even though my parents didn't teach me so, I should attend church. Let's see what we think after this one. The guest I'm bringing is my daughter, Rachel. Unfortunately, my husband David's high school reunion is the same night at the San Luis in Galveston and he's on the planning committee.
  No No  
Never tell people your troubles. 90% don't care and 10% are glad. Sure. Sure! Thanks, Cay. You have been amazing through all the years. I nominate you for an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Noble Peace Prize. Hugs.
Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff. Yes and no. Cay, you are doing a great job! Thanks so much for all of your hard work.
learn from previous mistakes and not repeat them sure! Way to go Cay Dickson and helpers who have kept up with this complex challenge for 50 years!
Don't add more goo to goober Yeah, it would probably be good. YYYaaaa is the answer to the second question. Thank you, Cay
Loyalty is vital to life and success Yes to both I’m so appreciative of the efforts of the organizers of these events.
  No, wait for the 60th.  
faith, grace and love sure GREAT Website