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Lucy Neblett Kuhn had scoliosis when we were in high school.  She underwent surgery and had to wear a "halo". At the age of 50, she had to face the disease again. Here is her story about that experience. Please take a moment to read it.

Out Align

I had just turned 50, no longer a teen,

A few more lines, but still looking quite lean!

Oh “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”

My 3-way mirror would tell it all.

I noticed my ribs looked a bit out of whack.

My 2 shapeliest curves formed an  S down my back!

There was no pain, and no one could tell,

But my chest was rotating, and my spine was as well.

I had worn a back brace at the age of sixteen,

To have this reoccur was a bit unforeseen.

We’d already dealt with this diagnosis,

And thought they’d arrested my Scoliosis!

While I listened to what Dr. Dickson had said,

His words just weren’t sinking into my head.

I can’t stand needles and blood makes me faint,

I needed to register my complaint!

“School will start soon, I’m a teacher you see,

The kids and my colleagues are counting on me.

I have lessons and plans that I want to try…”

But realized this year would be passing me by.

We scheduled the surgery – a major decision,

I was fearful and anxious about the incision.

But 1 of my students had taken this test,

Amanda’s advice would put me at rest.

“You must keep a journal and number each day,

Write down the blessings that come your way.

God is faithful, He’s up to the task.

He’ll use this for good, if you will just ask!”

A bit reluctant, yet fully aware,

I needed the power and promise of prayer.

In the blue cap and gown, I crawled into bed.

A few anxious thoughts still stuck my head.

It was off to the OR, they rolled me away,

But rolled me right back, when friends came to pray.

Many were standing on my behalf,

Sunday School classes, the choir and staff.

Prayergrams, e-mails, flowers and food,

Filled my heart with much gratitude.

I taped the cards all around my bed,

As I read and believed every word that they said.

God answered our prayers through His power and might,

He enabled the doctors to do it just right.

There were no complications or sign of infection,

The x-ray showed we’d achieved much correction!

A treadmill replaced our kitchen table,

Walking would make my fusion more stable.

I’m thankful for pillows and padded chairs,

For strong arms and legs so I can climb stairs!

With 15 inch rods placed inside my back,

I felt like a train on a stainless steel track!

There’s a spring in my step, and I’ve nothing to dread,

As I keep pressing on, full steam ahead.

I really get chilly in a strong winter breeze,

I grab for my ribs when I start to sneeze.

Please understand that I mean no harm,

Should I accidently set off the airport alarm!

When you see me, just give me a wink or a wave,

Not a pat on the back, even though I’m quite brave!

No bikini for me, no not with this scar,

But I’m able to drive, and I’ve got a new car.

So whatever you fear, whatever you face,

Give it to God, He’s setting our pace.

I stand corrected, not perfectly straight…

That’ll happen in heaven - I’m willing to wait.

Lucy Kuhn

September 19, 2000



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